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Separation or Divorce

For a legal separation or divorce in New York, call us today at (1-888-600-7411). Our divorce mediation services include:

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Divorce Mediation

Getting Started

Getting started is easy. Call us now and take advantage of our free telephone consultation. Our expert service includes:

Why Divorce Mediation?

Mediation allows parties the opportunity to resolve all divorce related issues in a structure that promotes immediate resolution. Progress is made quickly and efficiently. Individuals are given the opportunity to directly participate in all negotiations and settlement discussions resulting in a personalized settlement agreement that reflects and protects the interests of both parties. Mediated agreements are the product of educated and thoughtful discussion and mutual agreement. A highly skilled divorce mediator will have the background, knowledge and experience necessary to provide clients with the information and framework necessary for them to reach an amicable agreement.

Why NY Divorce Mediators?

With NY Divorce Mediators you will work with a neutral, well-credentialed divorce mediation attorney who will help you on all divorce-related issues, including equitable division of all assets and liabilities, child custody, child support, maintenance/alimony, taxes, estate planning, etc. Court appearances are not necessary when parties mediate. Once all issues are resolved and memorialized in a formal written agreement, the parties are legally separated pursuant to the terms of the agreement. For parties seeking a divorce, the divorce mediator would present the agreement to the Court as part of an uncontested divorce package and divorce would occur at the time the Court issues the judgment.

Is Mediation for You?

Mediation should always be your first option. With the passing of the New York no fault statute in October 2010, divorce essentially became every married person’s legal right. There is nothing that needs to be proved in order to obtain a divorce and no element of fault is required to be presented. It just takes one person to view the marriage as irretrievably broken for a divorce to be granted. So if one person wants a divorce there is nothing to contest except the terms and the most affordable, efficient, and personalized way to resolve all the terms of divorce or separation is through mediation. So call us now and ask us any question you may have about our services or about separation or divorce in general. We can help!